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You can access documentation on the TRP, the treatment plan and its action by registering on the Tongue Lab Academy website.

How's the treatment going ?

At the start of treatment, when the tongue is not yet functioning properly, the TRP may be inconvenient for some users. The discomfort decreases with the training and conditioning of the tongue. TRP works while you sleep , when the brain is also reprogrammed. The tongue quickly assumes its physiological functions and positions thanks to this neuromuscular conditioning. The complete treatment can last from three to twelve months, depending on the case and the time required for the tongue to adopt and fully assimilate its natural functions . When this becomes automatic, processing ends.

Ideally, the TRP is no longer needed. Sometimes, however, patients will need to wear the TRP from time to time to avoid a relapse.

Organisation du traitement

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Are you a practitioner and want to offer TRP to your patients?

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Practitioners, take care of your patients

More and more practitioners are training in the management of patients with the TRP device, all over the world.

Do you want your patients to be able to benefit from the TRP?

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